The Leighwoods Lifestyle Plans

So you've taken the first step! We are so proud of you, and you should be, too! Of course, we're not here to pressure you into anything, but take a look at what we have to offer: each Leighwoods Lifestyle Plans' meals come packed with 550 calories of a combination of yummy protein, fresh veggies, and a carb that's so good for you, your mom would tell you to be friends with it.


If you like how it sounds, and you're ready to take that second step, just let us know; we're here for you. And if you're feeling particularly determined, why not step up to the Leighwoods Lifestyle Change Challenge (#LLCC), where you eat nothing but our food, for lunch and dinner, for two weeks. See the difference for yourself, or share it to our Instagram account and show the difference to the world! 

No snacks, no sugary drinks, no sweat. Just good, clean food. Leighwoods style.

Lunch OR Dinner Plan

  • 2 weeks (10 meals, Mon - Fri): 80,000 / meal

  • 4 weeks (20 meals, Mon - Fri): 77,500 / meal

Lunch AND Dinner Plan

  • 2 weeks (20 meals, Mon - Fri): 75,000 / meal

  • 4 weeks (40 meals, Mon - Fri): 72,500 / meal

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